Facebook crypto ads policy

Facebook Crypto Ads Ultimate Guide


Crypto is a very difficult field to advertise on the Facebook platform. New advertisers will not have experience creating crypto advertising campaigns on Facebook. So let’s 102soft learn how to set up an effective Facebook crypto ads campaign.

Facebook crypto ads policy

Before 2021, advertising cryptocurrency on Facebook was almost impossible. Because the Facebook platform has introduced extremely strict policies for advertisers who intend to advertise Crypto on Facebook. In order to advertise crypto on Facebook, advertisers must meet licensed documents.

Facebook crypto ads policy
Facebook ads policy


  • Crypto exchanges and trading platforms
  • Crypto lending and borrowing service
  • Crypto wallets
  • Crypto wallets offer additional services
  • Hardware and software for digital currency mining

In addition, advertisers need to provide some additional documents about the virtual currency company

  • Tax services for virtual currency companies
  • Events, tutorials or news related to virtual currencies or blockchain technology, as long as they do not offer virtual currency products or services
  • Services and products based on blockchain technology that are not virtual currencies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Services and products based on blockchain technology that are not virtual currencies, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Set up campaign crypto ads on Facebook.

For campaigns crypto ads on Facebook to be successful and effective, advertisers need a way to create an advertising campaign.

/Set Up facebook crypto ads 


Because crypto is a product that violates policies, advertisers need to clearly understand the policies to set up successful campaigns. Before setting up an advertising campaign, advertisers should prepare documents and provide the necessary information.


Facebook advertising accounts are very important in setting up a Facebook crypto ads campaign. Advertisers should prepare healthy and trustworthy accounts. If you don’t have much time to create an advertising account, you can refer to the Facebook ads account rental service at Optimal. Optimal Agency is specializes in providing advertising account rental services on TikTok, Facebook, and Google platforms to help advertisers not worry about a lack of accounts.

Set up

After preparing the documents and Facebook advertising account, the advertiser should begin setting up the campaign. Advertisers should wrap the link, page, and an intermediary website. Ultimately, advertisers should set up advertising campaigns with different targeting purposes. Advice for new advertisers is to use conversion campaigns when ads crypto on Facebook.


To advertise cryptocurrency on the Facebook platform, advertisers should first understand Facebook’s policies. After understanding the policies, use some techniques to set up effective campaigns.



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Facebook Crypto Ads Ultimate Guide

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