Top 5 most dangerous mobs in Minecraft 1.18


In spite of Minecraft, it’s a pretty peaceful game, but there’s no shortage of dangerous mobs when you’re wandering outside. In this article, we will list the 5 most dangerous Minecraft 1.18 mobs. This list will not include bosses like Ender Dragon or Wither.

There are many dangerous mobs in the blocky world of Minecraft. At version 1.18, however, perhaps the 5 Minecraft mobs below make it the most difficult for players to deal with. You certainly won’t want to meet them when adventuring. Here are the five most dangerous mobs in Minecraft 1.18 and how to destroy them.

The following is a list of five dangerous Minecraft mobs in version 1.18.

To avoid, here are the top five most dangerous Minecraft 1.18 mobs.

  1. Evokers are probably the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft; they can deal a lot of damage with their attacks. The Evoker has two different attack methods: attacking with fangs and summoning a small mob called a vexe that chases the player for damage, which is the main reason the Evoker is difficult to deal with. Players need to kill Evoker fast before they can deal too much damage.
  2. Creeper
    Creeper is a popular hostile mob that silently approaches the player and explodes. Because of their distinct appearance and high likelihood of carelessly killing players and causing structural damage…Creepers have become one of the top five most dangerous Minecraft 1.18 mobs. Although scary, they are one of the best sources of guns and mob heads in Minecraft.
  3. Ravagers are crawling mobs that only appear in Pilager Raids. Similar to Enderman, Ravagers can also close the gap between them and the player very quickly with their attack. These attacks deal massive damage and knock the player back 5 blocks, which can be dangerous if you’re on high. During raids, the Ravager can also appear with various pillagers riding on them, creating the Ravager Jockey…even more dangerous. To deal with the Ravagers, the player can craft several iron golems.

Although not officially released yet, Minecraft version 1.19 makes players very curious about the features it brings, especially the new map and mob system. Fortunately, Taimienphi has fully compiled and detailed information about the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update update at the link below.

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  1. Ghast 
    The Ghast is a large white hostile mob that floats like a ghost in the nether and shoots explosive fireballs at the player. The direct hit deals 6 damage from the projectile and up to 9, 17, or 25 damage from the explosion, depending on difficulty. General Ghasts are one of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft if the player doesn’t have a ranged weapon to deal with them.
  2. Enderman 
    An Enderman is a neutral mob found in all three dimensions. Endermen can teleport and they split into 4 small mobs. Fighting many of them at once can be quite difficult. Ranged attacks are ineffective against Enderman because it is impossible not to hit them.

When fighting Endermen in Minecraft, it is advisable to attack their legs to prevent them from teleporting. Endermen are not provoked when the player looks at them through a transparent block or when wearing a carved pumpkin, so when exploring the Nether it is best to prepare a carved pumpkin.

Crossbows are one of the popular weapons in Minecraft. To use this tool most effectively, gamers cannot ignore the spells for crossbows to help increase combat power.

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After going through the list of the 5 most dangerous mobs in Minecraft 1.18, which do you think is really the strongest and most annoying mob when you encounter it? Let Taimienphi and everyone else know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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Top 5 most dangerous mobs in Minecraft 1.18

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