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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all essential applications that we all need to have on our devices. Therefore, we will share for you how to install Office 2019 for MacOS in the article that follows. Let’s go!

How to Install Microsoft Office 2109 for MacOS

1. What the Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 2019 MacOS is referred to as “Office.” This is a collection of office productivity tools created by global corporation Microsoft that support fundamental operations like text entry, data statistics, slide presentations, and more.

Whether you are already aware of it on Windows laptops is irrelevant.

The user interface merely differs marginally. The installation for each type of machine is obviously different because MacOS and Windows use two whole distinct operating systems! Even yet, the functions are same. In addition, Office for Mac includes:

Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y
Office 2019 For MacOS

+ Microsoft Word: a tool for editing text that enables you to produce unformatted text files with a variety of font effects, colors, and graphics, among other things.

+ Microsoft Excel: Millions of cells may be quickly and accurately calculated using spreadsheets and a range of tools.

The most popular tool for accountants, auditors, and secretaries is Excel.

+ Microsoft PowerPoint: For those who specialize in presentations, document presentations, etc., this program enables you to build powerful slideshows with a range of features.

+ Microsoft OneNote: This works like a notebook to help you keep track of all the important information; it’s simple to use, save online, and is accessible from anywhere.

+ Microsoft OneDriver is a cloud storage service that enables you to store documents, pictures, videos, and other types of content online for quick data synchronization and searching across many devices (phones, computers, etc.).

+ Microsoft Outlook: Email sending and receiving are the main functions of this program.

You’ll be well on your way to finishing workplace duties wherever you are with this office suite.

2. Should Install Microsoft Office 2019 For MacOS ?

Let’s understand the fundamentals about Microsoft Office for Macbook before we start the installation. It is identical to a Windows laptop. You can use the crack version in addition to spending a lot of money on an Office for Mac license if you want to utilize it.
Naturally, you should still purchase a license to use it for a long time if you have a lot of money. However, when money is tight and using Office is a necessity, installing the Office Crack version makes sense because it is totally free.

Additionally, freedom may not always come with a lot of advantages. You don’t need a license to upgrade easily and continue using it. You will need to totally remove and reinstall this cracked version of Office for Mac in order to upgrade it. But do not fret. You should download and reinstall it if you wish to update to the new version. For the quickest installation support, call MacOnline.

3. Can install Office for Macbook M1?

Installing Office is also a challenge because the new MacBook M1 line runs the most recent operating system, Big Sur. You can still install it, though. Different versions of Office are compatible with each MacBook model. For instance, the Macbook models from 2013 and 2014 should presumably just reinstall Office 2016. Installing Office 2019 For macOS and above is advised for higher-end Macbooks like the MacBook Pro 2020 or MacBook Air 2020. You should install the most recent version of Office with the MacBook M1’s most recent operating system, of course.

Macbook Installation Instructions for Office 2019.

A/ Before installing Office for Macbook, kindly bear this in mind.

You must turn off Gatekeeper on your Mac in order to install macOS Catalina from version 10.15 or later, the Office package, or any other Mac add-on software. (This software prevents the installation of programs from sources other than the AppStore.)

After turning off Gatekeeper, you can install Office on your MacBook without risk! How do you set up Office on a Macbook? Scroll down to continue, please!

B/ Setting up Office 2019

Office for Mac comes in a variety of versions. However, MacOnline will use Office 2019, the most latest iteration of Office, in this post. Follow each of the steps listed below to install Office for Mac:

1. Download Office 2019 for Mac.

Extract the Microsoft Office installer after downloading it. You may also get the crack version of the software online if you don’t have a license key because there are numerous websites that offer connections to consumers. The majority of cracked versions, nevertheless, need a password to unzip. All you have to do to obtain the decompression password is adhere to the steps provided when the supplier sends you a request.

The Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac v16.51 download is now available.

2. Install the Office.

There will be two files after extraction: an installation file and a crack file. The “Office version” installation file should be selected for installation initially.

Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
following the setup file’s opening In turn, click Continue => Agree when the notification window displays.

You will see the term “Customize” on the left side of the window before pressing Install. There, you can click to choose which software you want to install and which applications you don’t. You can disable updates in this section by unchecking the Microsoft AutoUpdate option.

Select Install next. To install, type the MacBook Password.

Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
You patiently wait for the installation to be finished, which takes around 10 minutes.

3/ Run the cr@k file.

If you wish to use it, go on as follows: Open the crack file (Activate Office) and run it. Then choose Continue, Install, enter the password, then choose Close to finish.

4/ Complete.

Please open the programs in the Office suite that you just uploaded after the installation procedure is finished. To avoid the time-consuming login process, click Skip below if the term “Skip” appears.

Another crucial point to keep in mind is that you should remove the Office version and start again if it encounters a bug or error during installation or use.

How to stop Office 2019 for MacOS updates.

You ought to disable automatic updates after installing the cracked version. Why is that necessary to do? Microsoft’s recent updates typically result in incompatible systems since they fix issues. Thus, it will render the Office version useless for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, you won’t receive as many pointless update notifications if you disable this update.

Going to Help => Updates will allow you to easily turn off updates. Examine for Updates => “Automatically download and install” should be unchecked.

And if you forgot to uncheck the update option earlier, you may immediately disable Office updates for Macbook by doing what is shown below:

Step 1: Start your Macbook’s Finder application.

To enter the G key, press “Command + Shift +.” then paste “/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/” into the address bar. Next, click the Go button.

Step 2: When you’ve finished with step 1

Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
Office 2019 For MacOS + k3y [Tutorial Install]
Enter the folder containing the Microsoft AutoUpdate file, then use the right-click menu to select “Move to Trash” to get rid of it.

Installation is finished, disable the update.

We’ve share for you how to install Office 2019 for MacOS for free at home in the post above. Visit our website daily to discover more clever computer tricks! I appreciate you watching, and I’ll see you in the next several posts!

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Office 2019 For MacOS [Tutorial Install]

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Office 2019 For MacOS [Tutorial Install]

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