Dropshipping on Facebook: Guide for newbies


Facebook advertising is the top traffic attraction channel when doing Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand (POD). However, with the difficulties that many store owners encounter with Facebook such as: Locked accounts, restrictions due to elections in the US,… should Facebook advertising be the only sales channel for Dropshipping businesses? In the article below we would like to provide information about dropshipping facebook ads tips.

What is dropshipping on Facebook?

What is dropshipping on Facebook?
What is dropshipping on Facebook?

Dropshipping allows you to sell products without keeping any of the items. Instead, you work with a supplier who owns the product. Furthermore, the dropshipping supplier will ship the products you sell to the customer’s address when they place an order at your store. That is the dropshipping business model.

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Pros and cons of Dropshipping on Facebook


  • Organic traffic.
  • 0% transaction fee until the end of the 12th month.

  • There are no subscription costs.

  • Easy to get started.

  • Interact directly with customers.

  • Access data for better ad targeting.

Facebook has over 1 billion users on its platform, so you can generate organic free traffic. However, it is still possible to use different marketing strategies to increase sales and increase reach. Additionally, you don’t have to pay any trading fees until the end of the 12th month. After that, just pay 5% trading fees. Additionally, there is no subscription fee to use Facebook Shop. This means you can maximize cost savings and increase profits. Thus, you can quickly start selling on Facebook shops.

Besides, Facebook shops allow direct interaction with customers. For example, customers can reach out if they have questions about specific products. With Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct as means of communication, respond to all customer inquiries. This helps build trust and a better customer experience. Furthermore, Facebook Business Manager allows access to useful information about Facebook users for better ad targeting. That means you can achieve higher conversion rates and increase the size of your profits.


  • Must comply with Facebook’s rules.
  • Competitive.
  • Brand restrictions.

Selling on Facebook Shop requires compliance with Facebook’s eCommerce policies. There is high competition on Facebook. However, product research can help us beat our competitors. With product research, we can find in-demand products with high selling potential.

Finally, Facebook Shop is not a customizable platform. Therefore, there are some limitations in branding opportunities. However, you can add your brand logo to your profile photo and replace your cover photo to optimize your storefront.

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Dropshipping facebook ads tips not everyone knows

Dropshipping facebook ads tips not everyone knows
Dropshipping facebook ads tips not everyone knows

Relevant advertising

You and I both know how annoying it is to receive an ad for something you’re not interested in. Yes, I like anime, but I absolutely would not wear a maid dress.

Brief advertisement

Most people are “lazy” to read. However, if for some reason your ad catches someone’s eye, don’t scare them off with a novel-length ad.

Use images

Images are easy to attract customers. Video is the most effective. However, don’t use blurry, low-quality photos and try to make videos no longer than 60-90 seconds or even shorter.

Using “hearing” in advertising

Most ads are aimed at people who show some level of interest in your products. But if you simply show them your product, it’s not enough. So you have to give them a little “hearing”. As mentioned above, it could be a discount or a limited-time offer – anything that makes a person think, ‘If I don’t buy now, I’ll regret it later!’

Use calls to action (CTA)

Any ad should end with a CTA like visit your website to see other products, learn more about something, get a coupon code, or make a purchase.

Above is the content of the article related to the issue “Dropshipping facebook ads tips”. Hopefully the article is useful to readers, we have a team of experienced experts, we will provide services such as facebook dropship ads.

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Dropshipping on Facebook: Guide for newbies

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