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Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto-How Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto Work


Play-to-earn with NFTs or Crypto has gradually become popular in recent years. The game typically allows players to earn valuable assets that can be traded or sold for their actual value. However, very few individuals know how to make money by playing games with NFTs. So let’s learn how to make money from playing NFT and Crypto games.

How do Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto Work?

How do Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto Work

Play-to-earn with NFTs or Crypto is a departure from other typical role-playing video games. During the game, players can earn cryptocurrency or NFTs by selling valuable products. These games are built to help players create tangible real-world values ​​by completing in-game tasks. Let’s see how play-to-earn with NFTs or crypto works.

  • Crypto assets and items: The game leverages the capabilities of blockchain technology to tokenize in-game assets and items. These assets are converted into separate entities called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which exist securely on the blockchain. With each token containing a special digital signature, players gain ownership of some extremely rare items with high value.
  • Economic ecosystem: The game’s ecosystem allows players to freely buy, sell, and trade their crypto assets. This ecosystem is often maintained by the native cryptocurrency, which facilitates transactions within the game’s virtual economy.
  • Blockchain Verification: System security is always absolute, in-game transactions are maintained by blockchain. Every exchange, acquisition and sale of crypto assets is meticulously recorded on the blockchain, erecting a wall of security against any manipulation or fraud.

Types of Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto

Play-to-earn with NFTs or Crypt has become popular around the world because of its special features. A combination of role-playing games and blockchain technology, allows players to freely play and earn money. Let’s look at some popular types of cryptocurrency games.

  • Role-playing game (RPG): With this type of role-playing game, the player will play the role of a fictional character adventuring the virtual world. In this virtual world, you will have to do jobs and complete tasks to earn valuable items.
  • Collectible card game (CCG): In the game, players will collect cards by exchanging or doing quests. After the collection process, players will bring out high-value cards to trade in exchange for tokens or crypto. Highly valuable cards often have many unique attributes and are sought after and collected by many players.
  • Virtual real estate exchange: This is a money-making game that attracts many players because of its diversity. In the game, players will receive virtual real estate and your job is to help it increase in value. After these virtual real estate have a certain value, players can freely exchange, buy and sell to get tokens.
  • Social and Virtual World Games: Players will enter a virtual world and there are many communities in it. The player’s job is to create spoken and shared results that help the community and people interact with each other. Players should join the community to exercise their creativity and earn rewards from their contributions.

Advertising NFT and Crypto projects

To make money from games using NFTs or Crypto, those projects need to attract many players. So to attract more people to participate in games, an effective advertising strategy is needed.

Advertisers will use skills to create advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Google and other social platforms. If you do not have the skills, you can refer to crypto ads on Facebook or Google crypto ads.

List of games that make money NFT or Crypto

List of games that make money NFT or Crypto

  1. Alien Worlds: Alien Worlds is an adventure NFT game set in the metaverse of 2055. Players take on the role of a character and explore spaces collecting unique digital items, or NFTs.
  2. Axie Infinity:  Axie Infinity is an extremely popular money-making game in the world. Players will cultivate Axies and use them to compete. With each win, your Axies will have a higher value and players can exchange them for tokens.
  3. Decentraland: Decentraland is a virtual world that helps players explore and exchange virtual land values. In addition to trading virtual real estate, players can trade other digital assets.

In addition, you can refer to some other games such as: Chainmonsters, Ember Sword, Forest Knight, Galaxy Fight Club.


Play-to-earn games with NFTs or crypto have become popular and innovative in the gaming industry. In these games, players have the opportunity to earn real-world value, often in the form of cryptocurrency, by actively participating in the game.


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Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto-How Play-to-Earn with NFTs or Crypto Work

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