Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know
Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know

Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know 2024


In the past, connecting with the right customers was a difficult task for digital marketers. However, with the rapid development of the internet and technology, AI is gradually becoming an important tool and widely applied in many fields. Especially in online marketing, AI marketing changes the way we approach and interact with customers. AI also has the ability to analyze, track performance, and adjust marketing strategies to achieve the best results.

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What is AI marketing?

What is AI marketing?
What is AI marketing?

AI Marketing is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence Marketing, meaning artificial intelligence marketing, belonging to the website system platform of Wexford Alliance Limited, Company headquartered at 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong – top of the world’s leading corporations in the field of artificial intelligence development.

It can be understood that AI marketing or AI marketing is the application of artificial intelligence to marketing activities. Popular AI technologies applied in AI marketing include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, data mining and chatbots. . Thus, it can be seen that AI marketing or AI marketing is currently one of the most popular and interested topics in today’s digital age.

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Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know

Enhance personalization, enhance customer experience: AI technology allows marketers to collect data, customer insights and make predictive suggestions. From there, businesses can deploy marketing activities to improve customer experience. According to a Salesforce study, about 64% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized experiences based on their preferences and behaviors. With support from AI, businesses can analyze data and create content, advertising or product suggestions suitable for each individual customer.

Improve advertising effectiveness and explode revenue (ROI): AI can help optimize online marketing campaigns through the ability to automate and customize ads based on customer segments and platforms. or real time period. According to a report from Adgorithms, using AI technology for advertising can improve conversion rates by up to 50% and optimize advertising costs by up to 80%.

Automate marketing processes: AI has the ability to automate many marketing processes, helping to reduce repetitive work and increase business performance. For example: activities to evaluate and automatically classify potential customers, language processing, track and analyze customer behavior,…

Predict and analyze consumer trends, optimize business resources: AI can deeply understand customer behavior, predict their next actions and signals. Therefore, businesses can implement effective online marketing strategies, target the right customers and avoid wasting business resources.

Improve customer service (through software such as chatbots, machine learning, etc.): According to research from Gartner in 2022, more than 70% of customer conversations will be handled by chatbots or search automatic. Chatbot is a software solution that helps provide instant, automatic support 24/24 to answer questions and help customers find information, providing an easy, convenient and fast experience.

Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know
Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know

How does AI Marketing work?

AI Marketing is a form of profit for investors because the cost to create AI Marketing is a huge number, far beyond the potential of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, AI Marketing providers will rent and charge fees to other businesses, typically advertising services from Google and Facebook.

The way AI Marketing works is to collect and analyze data, then make judgments about consumer behavior. The steps to use AI Marketing services are as follows:

  1. Businesses create accounts on AI Marketing service providers’ pages (eg Google or Facebook).
  2. After registering an account, businesses will prepare content to market to customers and instruct the AI ​​with some suggestions to help it recognize potential customers (for example, demographics and word tables). search key in Google and Facebook).
  3. Businesses deposit money so that the system can automatically calculate the cost to pay for a potential customer, then it will operate and invoice based on the results obtained.

Application of AI in Marketing

AI analyzes and understands user behavior

AI marketing uses tracking codes and cookies to track users and analyze their needs based on search data from platforms. This allows AI marketing to understand users’ needs even better than their relatives and friends after a long enough interaction. According to a report from the Digital Marketing Institute, AI marketing has the ability to increase conversion rates by up to 50%. Therefore, AI is one of the useful tools to monitor and analyze customer behavior.

AI personalizes customer service and experience

In the future, AI marketing is expected to bring powerful changes to the marketing industry in general and customer service experience in particular. For example, according to a study from Adobe, AI marketing has helped increase email open rates by up to 50% and increase online sales by up to 60%. Companies like Amazon and Netflix also use AI in marketing to recommend products and content that are relevant to individual customers.

In addition, AI marketing also plays an important role in managing online advertising campaigns. According to eMarketer, using AI in online advertising can reduce costs by up to 20% and increase advertising effectiveness by up to 30%. AI technology has the ability to automatically optimize campaigns, analyze data from different sources and make smart decisions to achieve the highest campaign efficiency.

With the benefits and development potential of AI marketing, it is not surprising that many businesses are stepping up investment in this technology. This shows the trust and strong development potential of AI in the field of online marketing.

AI supports text and voice recognition

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana are AI technologies capable of recognizing voice and converting voice into text, then using the data found to assist users.

According to a report from Comscore, voice search has taken over the majority of online searches and is expected to continue to grow. Along with this development, SEO marketing and voice optimization have become more necessary than ever. It is important to ensure that Voice SEO is closely related to your product or brand. Leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple have integrated voice search into their products/services. Using voice search for your business can provide a useful boost to your marketing and customer acquisition campaigns.

AI tools supporting text and voice recognition: Google Gboard, Google Docs, Voice Text, Laban Key,…

AI supports content creation

Instead of hiring professional content writers, businesses can use AI software to create text content as desired. Initially, the role of AI tools was mainly used to detect content copying. However, after a long period of development, AI technology has been improved to create content, attracting users to interact on the website through blogging.

This invention is perfect for many small businesses that do not have enough resources to hire professional writers. Furthermore, the need for large amounts of content and constant creativity is a major challenge for marketers. Therefore, using AI as a support tool and fine-tuning to suit marketing goals will be an effective and reasonable method until now. However, AI still cannot completely replace human creativity and writing ability, but it will help save time and increase productivity.

AI tools to support content creation: Chat GPT, Google Bard AI, Compose AI, Copy AI, Smartwriter,…

Application of AI in Marketing
Application of AI in Marketing

AI supports image search and design

AI technology is not limited to text content creation but is also capable of analyzing and designing images. One of the interesting applications of image recognition technology is that customers can post photos of products they are interested in and then search for that product on your website.

Image recognition technology has similar characteristics to the image tagging feature on social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows the software to recognize and link images, even if the image was posted by someone else. This will be a great experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

For example, retailer Macy’s used image recognition technology to develop the Macy’s Image Search application. The app allows customers to upload a photo of a product to find similar items available in Macy’s inventory. This creates convenience and increases personalization in the customer’s shopping experience.

AI tools that support image search and design: Google Lens,, Midjourney, StockAI,…

AI automates basic operations

Many businesses today use chatbots for all sorts of purposes, from answering frequently asked questions to order processing and product recommendations. Notably, some leading businesses such as Sephora and Bank of America have applied chatbots to personalized services. This shows the popularity and potential of chatbots in the field of marketing and customer service.

Different from traditional customer service methods, chatbots are extremely cost-effective and effective in solving most customer queries 24/7. Although it can only provide answers to basic and limited questions, chatbots are very smart in tracking customer behavior, making appropriate product recommendations based on their keyword volume. client.

AI chatbot tools: Harafunnel, NativeChat,…


Today’s article has provided readers with all the information about what AI Marketing is and benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know. Believe that with the information just shared, you will no longer have questions about AI Marketing and will no longer feel confused. This concept is strange or new. Wishing you will successfully apply AI Marketing in your production and business activities and achieve truly impressive achievements.

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Benefits of AI in marketing that you need to know 2024

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