How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy effectively
How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy effectively

How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy effectively


Well-crafted advertising copy has long been a vital tool in attracting consumer attention – and this is no different with digital marketing. By working in tandem with AI-powered methods, marketers can create relevant text-based ads that generate more conversions. In the article below we will tell you more about How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy.

What does using AI to create Google Ads copies mean?

What does using AI to create Google Ads copies mean?
What does using AI to create Google Ads copies mean?

Google AI Ad Builder is a tool designed to automate and enhance the ad copy creation process for Google ads. Using AI, this tool creates attractive, relevant and targeted advertising content.

Optimal’s Google Ads Copy Generator takes information about your marketing campaign and turns it into engaging ad copy that aligns with your campaign goals. It streamlines the ad creation process, eliminating the need for extensive thinking and drafting often involved in writing ad copy. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and marketers looking to optimize their advertising efforts effectively.

How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy

This tool was created to simplify the creation of Google ad copy, making it accessible digital marketing and copywriting beginners, and experts in digital marketing and copywriting. Here it is How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy:

Step 1: Sign up or log in

Start by signing up or logging in to Campaign Assistant’s Google Ads Copy Generator with your 102soft account. Once logged in, navigate to your dashboard where you can access the Google Ads AI copy feature.

Step 2: Enter advertising purpose

Determine the main goal or objective of your ad. This can range from increasing brand awareness to driving sales or website traffic. Stating the purpose helps the AI ​​understand the context and desired outcome of the ad.

Step 3: Provide related keywords

Keywords play an important role in targeting the right audience. Enter keywords that are closely related to your product, service or brand. These keywords should be terms that your target audience might use when searching for products or services similar to yours. The accuracy and relevance of these keywords directly affect the effectiveness of your Google ads.

Step 4: Select an appropriate tone of voice

The tone of your ad copy should reflect your brand’s personality and resonate with your target audience. Choose a tone that fits your overall brand message, whether it’s professional, friendly, informative, or witty. The right tone can greatly enhance the connection with your readers and the overall impact of your advertising.

Step 5: Generate your ad

Click the “Create Google ad copy” button. The AI ​​will use the details you provided to create a draft of your Google ad copy. This draft will form the basis of your final ad.

Step 6: Refine and personalize

Review the AI-generated draft and make any necessary edits. Tailor content to better fit your brand’s style and your audience’s specific interests. If the initial draft isn’t quite right, you can re-create the content with a different approach. Continue tweaking until you’re satisfied with the ad copy.

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How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy
How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy

Tips for using 102soft’s Google Ads AI generator

Provide specific inputs

More detailed input will help the AI ​​create ad copy that is more focused and relevant to your specific products.

Identify your audience and goals

Clearly define who your target audience is and what action you want them to take. For example, if you own a stationery store and your target audience is environmentally conscious businesses, your ad intent might be “Encourage environmentally conscious businesses” environment to switch to using sustainable stationery”.

Describing your audience and goals when entering campaign details will help the tool create more personalized content that is more relevant to your target audience.

Try different tones

Test different color tones for your Google ad copy. For example, for a B2B software company, a professional and informative tone may work best. However, if the same company is targeting startups or young entrepreneurs, a more relaxed and engaging tone may be more effective. If your brand is more casual and youthful, try a friendly and conversational tone.

Regular Keyword Updates

Always update keyword trends. If there’s a growing trend in your industry, such as “remote work software” or “artificial intelligence” in the tech industry, update your keywords to include these trending terms. can make your ads more relevant.

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How To Use AI To Create Google Ads Copy effectively

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