How to run Instagram ads most effective and optimal
How to run Instagram ads most effective and optimal

How to run Instagram ads most effective and optimal


You know many potential customers are using Instagram. And of course, you’re interested in running Instagram ads to sell on Instagram. So, immediately refer to the instructions on How to run Instagram ads super effectively that shares below.

Is advertising on Instagram effective?

Is advertising on Instagram effective?
Is advertising on Instagram effective?

Honestly, if I were to compare running ads on Facebook and Instagram, I think running IG ads would be more effective. Because:

  • The number of Instagram users is large, and almost equal to Facebook.
  • Most customers are young people with high shopping needs.
  • Instagram is a visual social network. If you advertise with vivid and beautiful images, it is easy to attract potential customers.
  • Instagram is a potential customer market but has not yet been exploited much, unlike Facebook.
  • There are not too many units investing in advertising to exploit customers in this market. This helps reduce competition and reduce bid prices.

Conditions for running Instagram ads

  • Instagram account: If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can create it by email or Facebook.
  • Facebook Fanpage: Used to connect your fanpage to your IG account.
  • International payment card: Visa or Master card.
  • Ad account: Use a Facebook account, or you create an ad account within business manager.
  • Ad content: Image, video or text content.

How to run Instagram ads 2024

How to run Instagram ads 2024
How to run Instagram ads 2024

Below are the basic steps to running Instagram ads to help you start running an effective advertising campaign on Instagram.

Step 1: Register an account

Similar to running ads on Facebook, when running Instagram ads, you need to register for Facebook Business and a Facebook Ads account (because Instagram is integrated with the Facebook system). After signing up, you need to connect this account to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Set goals

After successfully connecting the two accounts of the Facebook and Instagram platforms together, open the Ads Manager, to create an advertising campaign, select ‘Create Campaign’ in the upper corner. left of the screen.

A series of different ad options will appear including 4 options. You will need to choose the ad type that suits your goals and is easiest to optimize:

  • Advertising increases reach (Reach)
  • Advertisements increase the number of installations and usage (Install)
  • Advertisements increase video views (Video View)
  • Advertisements increase conversions (Conversion)

Step 3: Set up target audience

In this step, you will use Instagram’s tool to filter and classify personal user data to establish a target audience for advertising. These target audiences will be set up based on age, location, interests, habits, interests, hobbies… then gathered into files and Meta (Instagram’s parent company) will distribute ads. based on that customer file request.

To be able to most accurately and effectively identify this audience, you need to clearly position the brand in your mind and divide the audience into different groups to easily perform A/B testing or create content. more true for different ages.

Step 4: Ad display location

After choosing the ad file, you proceed to choose the ad position on Instagram. If you want to run content on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time, you can keep the default recommended locations as is or just slightly adjust them. If you only want to run ads on Instagram, don’t skip this step. Normally, Instagram will recommend 2 positions:

  • Instagram Newsfeed: Post ads will appear on the Instagram home page when users are scrolling to see posts from accounts they follow.
  • Instagram Stories: Ads will appear in both video or image form when users browse stories on the story bar at the top of the Instagram screen.

Instagram always updates and optimizes the way ads are displayed so that both brands and users benefit. Users will see ads about the products they need most and approach these ads in a pleasant, natural way as a discovery for themselves, while the brand will achieve advertising effectiveness. most optimal.

Step 5: Set a budget

If you are just starting to learn how to run Instagram ads, or start running test ads for new content/categories, you should set a small budget, then monitor and optimize the content, allocate budget strategies for Fit.

You can divide your advertising budget by day or by week. After testing and optimizing the strategy, you can allocate budget in a more detailed manner, dividing ads by peak hours and key days to optimize the effectiveness of running Instagram ads.

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Cost to run effective Instagram ads

Cost to run effective Instagram ads
Cost to run effective Instagram ads

The cost of running Instagram ads has no minimum or maximum limit to determine, because your content will be managed and distributed by Instagram according to the budget you determine to spend in the initial ad creation plan.

According to digital experts specializing in running Instagram ads, the cost for an Instagram advertising campaign should be 1.5 million/campaign for a minimum of 5 days. This is the most profitable level for a campaign that requires short-term conversions. Of course, with many different goals such as branding, pulling leads to the website, PR events… this number will be different but will still be within this range.

The cost to run Instagram ads to a certain audience is often higher than Facebook, however, the conversion efficiency is higher, especially for the industries featured on this platform.

In addition, if the brand does not have enough human resources internally to run Instagram ads, you can spend money to outsource. In addition to the budget spent to create effective conversions for ads, you will have to pay additional fees for running ads. This cost can be fixed per campaign, or based on a percentage of revenue generated from these ads.


Above is all the information you need to know when investing in running Instagram ads that we have compiled. This is a famous social networking platform among young people and can be very effective both in branding and in creating conversions and generating revenue. Therefore, investing in running Instagram ads will be a good choice, if the brand calculates its strategy and creates thoughtful, sustainable plans and content.

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How to run Instagram ads most effective and optimal

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