Best AI Copywriting Tools

Best AI Copywriting Tools


Writing advertising content is extremely important in a marketing and product advertising campaign. If your advertising campaign has good content, promoting products will become easy. However, writing good content for an advertising campaign is extremely difficult for inexperienced advertisers. To solve this problem, 102soft invites readers to take a look at some AI copywriting tools that help advertisers create more content and optimize their advertising campaigns.

What are AI copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting is an artificial intelligence application that uses humans to create new documents and content. The tool combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to create AI content. To do this, users will enter a prompt or keyword into the editor browser to get started. The tool will automate the content creation process and provide you with the most useful content.

What are AI copywriting Tools?

Benefits of using AI Copywriting Tools

Using AI Copywriting Tools will help bring many benefits to content creators, advertisers, and affiliate marketers, bloggers. So let’s look at some of the benefits that AI copywriting tools bring:

  • For content creators, there is a need for many new ideas, diverse content, and attracting many viewers. AI Copywriting Tool will help advertisers find new content and good ideas through a few suggested lines and a few mouse clicks. Not only that, AI Copywriting can also build a specific process to help creators convey content easily.
  • As for marketers and advertisers, AI copywriting helps create good, attractive content for advertising and affiliate marketing campaigns. Not only that but campaigns with many ad models will need different content models. Copywriting tools also have the ability to create a lot of different content. You can use AI copywriting tools to create Facebook crypto ads, and  Google crypto ads.
  • Many bloggers have difficulty finding documents online to create content for their blogs. However, when using copywriting tools, bloggers can easily create content with the most useful and accurate information.

Jobs that AI copywriting tools can help with

Jobs that AI copywriting tools can help with

Below are the tasks that AI copywriting tool can help with in content creation

  1. Youtuber
  2. Business on e-commerce platforms
  3. Blog
  4. Content Creator
  5. Social media
  6. Advertisement
  7. Affiliate Marketing

Top AI Copywriting Tools

Top AI Copywriting Tools


CopyAI tool is a tool that helps a lot in creating content for advertising and marketing campaigns. CopyAI can let you expand your thinking and create high-quality marketing copy in seconds. Users just need to select the style they want to create and then enter a few sentences. Finally, click the generate button to get results in seconds. The content that CopyAI creates attracts many visits because of its creativity. You can use this Copy AI tool to create good content for your campaign dropship ads on Facebook.

CopyAI offers 3 packages for users including 1 free package and 2 paid packages. 2 payment packages will be suitable for different audiences.

  • The Pro plan is ideal for small businesses. You will pay $49 per month
  • The Team package is a great option for large companies. To get a quote, you will need to contact them


Jarvis was created by many professional copywriters as well as various experts. Jarvis has helped more than 10,000 people, including entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers. The copywriting and advertising content creation jobs created by Jarvis are highly converting. In addition, Jarvis supports more than 26 different languages ​​and this is also a special feature of this tool.

Users will have 2 service packages when using Jarvis as follows:

  • Starter – $29/tháng
  • Pro – $99/tháng


Anyword is an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to write advertising content. Anyword uses big data to predict conversion probability before it publishes its content. This feature helps advertisers optimize their advertising campaigns. To create great content, users only need to follow three steps. Click, enter the URL, and select the content type. Anyword will return you many diverse, interesting lines of copy.

Anyword offers three user service packages as follows:

  • Starter: The price for one user and 15,000 words is $19 per month.
  • Pro: The price for one user is 239$ per month. In addition, users can create multiple pieces of content with an unlimited number of words.
  • Business: You will need to contact Anyword for pricing information


In order to improve content quality for advertising campaigns, advertisers should use AI copywriting tools. The tool will help compose content and create new content that will attract more people. In addition, there are many other tools that you can refer to online.

















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Best AI Copywriting Tools

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