How to create a village in Minecraft Build a village find a job

How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job

Trading with villagers is the easiest way to get resources cheaply in Minecraft. However, finding a village in the game is not easy. The following article will show you how to create a village in Minecraft 1.19.

As mentioned above, when players use a randomly generated map, finding a village can become difficult. Instead, the solution is that players can create their own village in the game.

How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job
How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job

How to build a village in Minecraft

How to build a village in Minecraft

1. Gather villagers

There are two ways to collect villagers in Minecraft 1.19: either abduct villagers from another village or cure villagers.

2. Kidnap villagers from another village.

Your mission is to get the villagers on the boat by pushing them or driving the boat over them. The villagers won’t leave until the boat breaks.

Next, push the boat to the location where you want to build the village. Note: You can move villagers to the ground.

3. Heal the zombie villagers.

Zoombie villagers can be found in abandoned villages, basements of igloos, and occasionally in the overworld.

First, dig a hole 2-3 blocks deep to trap the Zoombie villagers, then use 1 potion of weakness and 1 golden apple to heal them. In addition, you should use the roof to cover the crater to protect the Zoombie villagers from burning in the sun, and then you can move the villagers around there.

The basement of the igloo has 1 Zoombie villager and 1 missionary villager. If cured, the player will have two villagers to start breeding.

How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job
How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job

4. Creating a Village in Minecraft 1.19

Usually, villagers will need a place to stay away from dangerous mobs like zombies or villager hunters. Players just need to build a house and have a bed.

Simple house

This is suitable for players who want to breed villages but have few resources. In which the player only needs to place a bed, wait for the villagers to sleep, and then construct a house around it.

Also, the player can place more torches or work blocks.

Breeder house

This is a simple way to gather villagers for breeding.

Step 1Place 10 beds and a bell where villagers can gather.
Step 2Place at least one composter for a villager to become a farmer.
Step 3: Make a water hole, hoe around, and give the farmer and villagers seeds to start working on.

Trading lobby

The trade comparison is where villagers can go to exchange goods. Players can use iron gates or fences to prevent villagers from escaping and equip them with a full set of lights.

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The focus of the trading hall is the villager confinement area, which is about 4 blocks in size: 2 blocks for the beds, 1 block for work, and 1 block for the villagers to stand. The player should have the villager stand between the bed and the work block.

The ceiling should be about 3 blocks high for the Iron Golem to move. The player can let the villagers move freely or separate the villagers individually.

5. Build a defense system for the village.

Since artificial villages can also be attacked by zombies and villager hunters like natural villages, players should build a defense system for the village. The larger the village, the higher the chance of being attacked by zombies. Zombies usually attack when the village has at least 20 villagers and 10 beds when the player is in the village.

First of all, the player should place a bell in the safest place. When the bell rings, the villagers will hide inside the house.

Next, the player should light up the village so mobs don’t appear and choose a defense they like.

6. Some village defense mechanisms in Minecraft 1.19

Iron Golem: A giant golem is the best defense if the player has enough iron ingots and pumpkins.
When a cactus is touched, it deals damage.
Lava, lava blocks, and burning netherrack: these ignite mobs, dealing lots of damage.
– Spider Silk and Soul Sand: Limit the movement of mobs for players to destroy.

How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job
How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job
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Flowing Water: The player can make water flow down from the wall, preventing mobs from approaching.

The above article on has just shown you how to create a village in Minecraft 1.19. In addition, readers can refer to some existing articles on to learn more about how to survive underwater in Minecraft.

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How to build a village in Minecraft, find a job

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